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Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


Lab Talk: Dr. Louis Klein speaking about Next Practice

When we conceive and develop new products with our clients sometimes a changing process is needed to get everyone in the company to understand the possibilities. One solution might be the best practice. But changes are that cultural and political, that the differences render these practices as a predicament for the organization.

On the quest to understand our clients better Dr. Louis Klein, Consortial Partner & President of the Systemic Excellence Group and internationally recognized as an expert in the field of systemic change management, gave us a great insight how organizations can cope with change management processes using the next practice model.

The idea of a next practice process is to develop an activity-based operational model for a company and turn it into a commonly agreed and shared practice tailored to fit the companies objectives, culture and politics. The vision of the next practice allows to drive change and work out the individual, procedural and structural implications supporting it. In comparison to the best practice, it is a commitment to a process, not a solution. This is where the approach of developing a next practice comes into play. As an approach to creating a bespoke best practice, it offers huge advantages in changing the way how an organization can operate and manage change.

Thank you Louis for visiting Intuity and sharing your thoughts.