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Back to the blogBastian Allgeier talks about the decentralization of data

Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


Lab Talk: Bastian Allgeier about decentralized data

Bastian Allgeiers mission is to bring design and code together to build something awesome.

His talk gave us a good insight about his idea on decentralizing data. He started with state of the art ideas and products, which are more or less simple server solutions for small companies or home servers for private consumers. He stated the main problem: our all data is stored centralized insight huge server farms of the few tech giants, like Google or Facebook. We do not have the control over our own data and do not exactly know, what the tech giants are doing with this amount of information. We know, that data is money and this is probably the main reason, why we have such great comfort with platforms like Facebook and Google. We are not paying any money for the services – we are giving away and losing the control of our private data. Tip: My data on Facebook or Google (German).

Although, Bastian’s idea of decentralizing data is great, we had a long and interesting discussion after his talk about the power of data, when aggregated by tech giants. Does data have the same value, when storaged at home on a NAS? We gain control about our own information again, but of what costs? He presented some interesting solutions, for example an open protocol for per-user storage “remoteStorage”. There you’d have the choice between a set of trusted hoster or building your own storage sever with nice implementing solutions based on node.js.

Grand Decentral Station

Bastian shared a great vision with us. An open server operating system for self hosted web applications and services. The corner stone of Bastians next project is already set: Grand Decentral Station.

“Grand Decentral Station is a concept for a server operating system that enables designers and developers to build beautiful and secureself-hosted applications for everyone.”

Bastian is initiator of the Decentralize Camp which takes place in Düsseldorf on may 21th. A good chance to learn more about the ideas and meet interesting people. Intuity is also joining the camp and we look forward having fruitful discussions there.

“It’s in our hands to move the web in a new direction and keep it open and decentralized and it’s our responsibility to get started now.”

Thank you Bastian! We are curious about the next step of Grand Decentral Station.