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Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


3D printing software Bloodline receives a prize at the start-up competition for digital innovations from the German BMWi

We are proud and honored, our colleagues Roman Grasy and Lutz Kloke were awarded the renowned innovation prize by Minister Brigitte Zypries for our groundbreaking work on printing biology. The awarded concept “Bloodline” is the cornerstone of our vision to built a digital ecosystem for printing living biology.

While Cellbricks already has great capability in actually printing biology for lots of use cases, the creation of 3D models remains cumbersome for many biologists that do not have fundamental training in 3D modeling. The reason is a lack of software in the market, helping tissue and organoid engineers to create and optimize the digital models for the desired biological object. The Bloodline software is key to vascularize printed biology – the basis to perfuse and nutrish larger living objects printed by Cellbricks 3D printers.

By the way: Also check out our project documentation of the 3D tissue printer for Cellbricks.