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Back to the blogAward ceremony of the Focus Open Design Awards in gold for the Minimic

Portrait of Lisa Scherner
Lisa Scherner


Minimic wins Focus Open Design Award in Gold

Gold for the minimic. Our intelligent microscope was awarded the international design prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Focus Open Design Award in Gold. We are very happy about so much positive feedback. This award is of particular importance to us because it is a public design prize.

The minimic

"The optical diagnosis of tissue or blood samples is time-consuming and requires a great deal of experience, even in routine processes such as malaria analysis, which is performed more than 200 million times a year worldwide. At first glance, the newly developed light microscope differs from its traditional relatives by the absence of the eyepiece and the compact, formally reduced design. Standard components from mechanical engineering and optics work inside, but the actual innovation remains invisible. Thanks to artificial intelligence based on cloud-based deep learning, the microscope evaluates the samples independently."

Award ceremony at the Scala Ludwigsburg on the 11th of October 2019

Justification by the jury

„The design underlines the new technological approach of the microscope: The black, reduced housing follows the formal characteristics of a consumer rather than a laboratory device. Because it is transparent, it allows insights into its inner structure and is not a black box. In addition, the clear design language visualizes the simple handling of the device.”
Focus Open Design Award Jury

You can find out more about the award here: Focus Open Design Award homepage.

At the moment, minimic is learning to recognize malaria and tuberculosis itself. Subscribe to the minimic Newsletter to follow our journey.