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Alexander Voigt talks about innovation and the energy turnaround

Portrait of Markus Turber
Markus Turber


Lab talk: Alexander Voigt – Innovation and the energy turnaround, a necessary combination

Together with Alex Voigt we spent two intensive workshop days:

We discussed the scope of the decisions from the Paris Agreement, anticipated the necessary systemic changes and thought ahead in scenarios. Energy, housing, transport, and nutrition – these four aspects are responsible for the majority of our emissions. In itself, climate neutrality is incredibly challenging to achieve. In networked scenarios, the picture looks much more definite; not only does the transformation become possible, but in many cases, it also appears to be the only economically viable solution.

On the second evening, Alex held a small lab talk for our team. He took us with him on his journey, which started on the runway West in Frankfurt and made him a driving entrepreneurial force, the industrial and thus economical use of photovoltaics. The transformation to more sustainable living and business still inspires him; as the founder of numerous companies in the field of electricity storage, heat storage and the measurability of sustainability as well as a political advisor or the initiative GermanZero, which is developing a climate plan as well as the necessary draft laws that will lead Germany to climate neutrality.

Fear of climate change remains justified, of course – but at the same time, we may also have a desire to change our lives and economic sectors. A lot of what we are about to change is not only necessary but will also be better, more beautiful, and more meaningful.

It was wonderful to have Alex with us. Thanks for the inspiring talk!