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Portrait of Maximilian Hans
Maximilian Hans


Effective aid needs pragmatic structures

How to create options.

Beyond the stress limit

The Covid-19 pandemic places an enormous burden on the health system and all those involved. Due to the shutdown and border closures, supply chains are breaking down - even within the Schengen area. As a result, consumables and machines are only available in limited quantities.

The lack of structure reduces our clout - initiatives are going nowhere, if the recipients are not able to accept the aid in a structured way. Often, however, weak links can be identified and strengthened in advance so that the chain can cope with future challenges.

Able to act in five stages

  1. Specify and articulate needs: We develop precise assessments of which goods are in danger of becoming scarce in the near future. Quantities and delivery dates are important.

  2. Design solutions: We find and develop technical solutions that can remedy the shortcomings.

  3. Create opportunities: We look for partners who manufacture these goods and clarify the conditions.

  4. Clarify legal security & financing: Models for financing and legal security are developed and organised.

  5. Coordinate production: The various steps in the production and supply chain are orchestrated - material procurement and logistics are networked and coordinated.

Where, if not here?

At the industrial location of Southern Germany there are a large number of owner-managed companies that can manufacture an enormous range of products. Their capacities are currently idle. We can reactivate them to produce what is needed in times of crisis and thus strengthen critical supply.

Hence the call to hospitals and institutions: Tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest. Only with a real task can we get started. And to the manufacturers - let us examine the processes and chains together and strengthen them for the near future (and beyond).

„We have to bring the right people to the table now - and then to the workbench.”

For almost 20 years, Intuity has been helping companies deal with new, unclear challenges and turn them into opportunities. So let's talk, join forces and make sure that the right help gets to where it's needed.