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Portrait von Markus Turber
Markus Turber


A journey into Mass Customization, with Corpus.e and 3D foot scanning

Last thursday, the Intuity team paid a visit to our friends of Corpus.e. Corpus.e is developing state of the art 3d foot scanning technology to help customers finding their perfect matching pair of shoes. We have been cooperating with Dirk Rutschmann – cofounder of Corpus.e – and his team for three years. We found out sharing the same interests and neighborhood participating at a conference on Mass Customization in Boston. Together we are developing an intuitive software to guide shop assistants and customers through the scanning process.

In the end of January I joined Dirk on a trip to Nike Headquarters in Portland. During our presentations and workshops with representatives of the Nike departments, we explored the potential of customization in the field of mass production.

Nike Headquarters in Portland

Besides giving the Intuity team a recap of our journey and experience at Nike, we discussed the opportunities of big data and sensor networks for individual benefits. We exchanged our thoughts on a better product experience for global players like Nike and small startups as well.