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Zurück zum BlogMartin Randelhoff spricht über die Zukunft und Vergangenheit der Mobilität

Portrait von Markus Turber
Markus Turber


Lab Talk: Martin Randelhoff talking about the interdependency of urban layout patterns and changing mobility

Mobility mastermind and Intuity friend Martin Randelhoff inspired our colleagues in yesterday’s Lab Talk about the correlation of urban development and mobility since the times of the industrial revolution. We know Martin as an almanac for latest technical, conceptual and legislative topics around mobility, being discussed on his platform Zukunft Mobilität which received an Grimme Award in the category information.

Yesterday he showed an update on his thinking, bringing in the perspective of how new technologies and aging society will impact behavior and the shape of cities and commuter belts with poor infrastructure. A very inspiring talk that implanted a lot of relevant questions in our heads. Thank you Martin!

By the way: Also check our joint initiative PARKPARK. It’s a toolkit for urban intervention and agile city planning.

Central City-Garden City diagram by Sir Ebenezer Howard (1902) – Source: MIT