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Portrait von Lisa Scherner
Lisa Scherner


Making the Red Dot Museum a Comfy Place

January last year, we had proudly announced that ComfyLight is landing on Kickstarter with its goal of raising 50,000 USD. Not only did it reach the goal in less than 7 hours, it was also recently announced to receive the Red Dot Award for it’s Product Design.

The Red Dot Awards are known for recognising the most sought-after quality marks for good design. The products selected to receive one, have the honour of being exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. The Red Dot had its award gala on July 3rd. This is the 4th award ComfyLight has received in the past 3 years. This new and unique home security solution is a complicated product shaped in a simple, easy to use LED light bulb. All you need is to change the light bulbs in your home with ComfyLight and download the app that comes with it. Everything else works by itself.

The co-founders, Stefanie Turber and Marcus Köhler, had found a way to always show the users their current situation at home, in a way that gives them the feeling that „everything is alright”. Sensors installed in the light bulb document the movement patterns of the inhabitants and simulate presence when they are not home. If any suspicious behaviour occurs, the ComfyLight warns the inhabitants via push message to their smart phone. At the same time, the lightbulb emits blinking signals to deter burglars and to draw attention to the neighbours.

Thus, we can assume that The Red Dot is more than happy to exhibit the ComfyLight – with it, they can make the museum a safe, Comfy place.

Last but not least, we want to give kudos to our colleagues Jens Franke, Simon Merath and Christopher Rampf for designing the service and brand experience. They accompanied ComfyLight on their fantastic journey from early days, through a successful crowdfunding campaign, towards the market.