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Portrait von Lisa Scherner
Lisa Scherner


Say hello to Karin, Tobias and Thomas

Here are three brilliant new Intuity colleagues! Say hello to Karin Klingel, Tobias Schmücker and Thomas Lipp. They all have a different background and unique skills, so we’re really happy to have them!

After a career in advertising, a bachelor’s degree in media publishing and several years as a branch manager in art book retailing, Karin recently joined Intuity’s administrative team. She is interested in books, magazines, design, and culture but her true passions are all things food and cat videos.

Tobias is a Creative Technologist who’s work is focused on connecting the digital and analog world. With his background in design, animation and software development, he’s passionate about shaping the future by bringing crazy ideas to life.

Thomas Lipp is a conceptual, visual and interaction designer. His master’s thesis is concerned with the phenomenology of knowledge, philosophy of culture and its interconnections with design and media. He is focused on research, opening up new perspectives and constructive criticism.