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Portrait von Lisa Scherner
Lisa Scherner


Say hello to Keyur, Josefine and Christian

We are excited to introduce our three new Intuity colleagues! Say hello to Keyur Jain, Josefine Hartung and Christian Tielmann. They enrich our team with a well-funded stock of experience in Mechanical Engineering, Interaction Design, AR and Web Developing. We’re glad to have them!

Keyur Jain is an interaction designer with a background spanning across mechanical engineering and user-centered design. Working at both ends of the spectrum – applying a systems approach, as well as crafting the small but meaningful details – he aims to shape the tangible and intangible relationships that exist between humans and technology. Outside of work, you can find him listening to his favorite podcasts or daydreaming about creating his own podcast one day.

Josefine Hartung is working in the field of Prototyping and Technology. Her daily toolbox consists of an open mind, curiosity and coding skills in React, Node.js and other web technologies. Gathering more of those tools will help to make the really cool stuff happen.

Christian Tielmann is an Interaction Designer with the background of designing AR Shows for big stages. Today his passion is to merge the virtual & the physical world together to make information design more natural to humans. If you find somebody with an VR headset sitting in a train to Stuttgart, it might be him!