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Portrait von Lisa Scherner
Lisa Scherner


Say hello to Ricarda, Lukas and Max

We would like to introduce to you our three new talented Intuity colleagues. Say hello to Ricarda Schuhmann, Lukas Siegele and Maximilian Hans. We’re pleased to have them!

Ricarda is a visual and interaction designer. Like in her master thesis – design at the intersection of technology and biology – she is continuously exploring the impact of design and technology in today’s life. She is passionate about generating innovative concepts and bringing them to life through visualization and the creation of interactive prototypes.

Lukas is an Interaction Designer who wants to empower people with design and technology. He’s interested in making desirable future scenarios tangible with rapid prototyping and solving complex problems with a methodical approach. When he’s not designing, he’s either cooking Asian dishes with his wok or digging for new records. lukassiegele.com

Maximilian Hans is an Industrial Designer and Creative Technologist always tinkering and building prototypes in both the physical and digital. He fell in love with coding at an early stage of his studies and since then has always looked for new ways of integrating new technologies into the design process. In February he finished his diploma project on how AI might change how we think and build robots. He teaches physical computing and hardware hacking at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and likes to spend his free time working on old motorcycles and occasionally also take them out for a ride.