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Portrait von Lisa Scherner
Lisa Scherner


Internship at Intuity: Lydia, Janis and Esther

Last September – six months ago – we (Lydia, Janis & Esther) started our internship at Intuity. Starting from day one, we were warmly welcomed and immediately got involved in exciting projects. Working with our lovely, inspirational colleagues in various teams, we experienced almost every phase of the design process and had the chance to improve our skills in individual areas such as prototyping, concept, strategy, and visual design.

Even though we are very different, the three of us have similar educational backgrounds, so we want to briefly introduce ourselves to you:


Hi, my name is Lydia and I’m studying interaction design at HfG (University of Design) in Schwäbisch Gmünd. My favorite aspect of the work of a designer is being a part of the process where ideas come to live. Through prototyping and iterative development we gain a creative approach to finding the right solution. I enjoy every step of this process, from conceptional wireframes to prototyping and visual design. For me, design is a chance to communicate ideas and concepts and make a difference for everybody.


Hi, I’m Janis! I’m currently studying interaction design. I’m enthusiastic about designing concepts, structuring things simply, and tinkering with new tools or technology — as well as playing with ideas. All in all, I love shaping the user-centered services and products which influence us and our society. 🚀


Hi! My name is Esther. I’m also currently studying interaction design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, too. I am always looking for creative and innovative solutions to create unique concepts. I’m also interested in interactive installations, generative design, and the relationship between design, society, and technology. For me, building prototypes to evaluate and improve concepts is part of a valid design process.

We want to thank our colleagues and friends from Intuity for a great time and an empathetic working environment. It was a pleasure to take this ride with you through the fields of design. The exciting insights we’ve gained and things we’ve learned will guide us into the future!

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